Art took the role of self-reflection and documentation.
I maintain close ties with my Homeland, as my family and close friends remain in Ukraine. Personal stories are becoming paintings, posters, or objects in my Berlin studio. I am actively looking for opportunities to exhibit them in order to ensure that Ukrainians and Ukraine remain visible, and not forgotten, even after our Victory.

Do you have a place or know someone who has a place where the artworks can be shown? Let’s get in touch.


Linoprint for Kharkiv is a hand-printed piece in support of my home city, Kharkiv, Ukraine. 

From 01.08.2022

In the past three months, 96 Linoprints for Kharkiv found their home and went to 11 countries around the world. In April and May, it allowed me & us to provide multiple financial support to the 9 grassroots volunteer organizations that were established by the locals in Ukraine. 

During the month of June, the Linoprint for Kharkiv started to support more personal calls for financial aid, as the dynamics of the war situation changed. In this way, it was possible to support 6 private initiatives that were collecting money for the direct support of Kharkiv fighters on the frontline (mostly medical or protective gear), as well as financial support for direct medical assistance to a mother of two children. [See all donations reports]

The Linoprint for Kharkiv took part in more than three live events in Berlin and Leipzig [thanks to organizers for standing with Ukraine and inviting me to join.]

A small photo project developed parallel to the printing process of the prints. It consists of people who came for the self-pick-ups of the prints from the shared studio I work in Berlin; and photos that people sent me after receiving the print. 

My deep gratitude to each person who has supported the project and who keeps supporting it by sharing it with their friends & community. Together we stand strong. Life will Win! #standwithukraine #linoprintforkharkiv