The Birdliners is the first collection of digital illustrations inspired by Berlin’s feathered inhabitants and favorite public spaces of locals and city visitors. It aims to bring Nature closer to me, you, and us. Make it visible and therefore open a conversation about our relationship with it.

The illustrations are available as a limited edition of 50 prints. Designed, illustrated and printed on 300 g/m2 eco Paper in the Berlin-Kreuzberg. The first collection features Bird Models from and at the Landwehrkanal area during Winter, Spring, and Summertime (Autumn would be added soon).

The idea behind the Birdliners series was born during the second COVID-19 lockdown. Observing how nature was changing with each new season became my main outlet and therefore the main model for my work. I also craved daily creative warm-up exercises for myself. That’s how I started to produce each day one illustration of a bird.  

The more I drew, the sharper got my eyes and ears in noticing new birds. Often I would not know their name, so I would take a photo, or use descriptions like “small bird with blue belly” for the internet search. Just like that, I discovered that Berlin “is the city with the largest amount and variety of birds in Germany.”. [DW, 2016].

Birdliners:Prints, inside atelier, Berlin-Kreuzberg