Urban Research : Mikrorayon 521

A series of urban lessons provided school students with the tools to research their own large housing estate neighborhood. By the end of the three research weeks, students put their research materials into an exhibition that showed the perception of the space by young adults. Afterward, an urban guide for the visitors to the area was created. This guide was highlighting places of attraction, history, and curios spots. Project Facebook Page.

Workshop curators: Bohdan Volynskyi, Vasylysa Shchogoleva

Participants: Ksenia Bychko, Mykhailo Bilozerov, Diana Bilous, Vlad Bobrytskyi, Yehor Bublyk, Danylo Vashchenko, Evgenia Horstka, Oleg Dontsov, Anastasia Kanevets-Volchenko, Maxim Kovtunenko, Lidia Krupytska, Maskym Lazarev, Arkhip Meshdov, Daria Prokhoda, Sofia Radelytska, Denis Sokolov, Bohdan Sushko

Urban lessons by: Valeriia Ahafonova, Bohdan Volynskyi
Sociological research: Maria Borysova

Photos: Pavlo Dorogoy
Partner school: School № 140, Saltivka, Kharkiv
Funding: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine 

The project is realized by NGO Critical thinking and design school dash! with the support of School № 140, the Department of Education of the Moscow District of the city of Kharkiv, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany, and NGO Kompetenzzentrum Großsiedlungen.