Illustrations for a short animation

Illustration: Vasylysa Shchogoleva 
Animation: Daniel Barón
Music: Serjo De Lua
Client: NGO Urban Form Center 

Based on the book “Chmutina. Life and creative path of an architect” by Helena Maznichenko

Illustrations for the short animation about the life & work of the Ukrainian architect, Natalia Chmutina.

This short animation has been created in the frame of the project Encyclopedia of Architecture of Ukraine which was initiated and curated by the NGO Urban Form Center. This animation may be seen as a teaser into a potentially larger documentary about the life and work of the Ukrainian architect Nataliia Chmutina. Visuals have been accompanied by an essay from Helena Maznichenko. You may see the full animation here, or read the full article about the architect under this link​​​​​​​.