Book Design & Illustration for “CoHousing Inclusive”

“CoHousing Inclusive” is a bilingual-book (German/English) which contains 

“…critical reviews of model projects representing a multifaceted European movement, complemented with photos and drawings. Short texts argue how political and financial conditions can be improved to better realize community housing. Finally, a range of voices offer unconventional and promising strategies.”  [from the Editors of the book].

The graphic idea includes a combination of hand -drawings and –written material (14 analytical drawings, over 40 individual portraits) and photo material. Both are aimed to convey the subject of the book in an engaging manner. 

The book consists of four different chapters, as well as Prologue and Next Steps. Each chapter has its own design approach, color code, and hand-written title. The idea of the color coding came as a necessity to separate two languages. 

The book contains 240 pages.
Printed in a soft-cover by the Jovis. Editors and initiators of the book are Dr. Michael LaFond and Larisa Tsvetkova (id22: Institute for Creative Sustainability). Funds: by various partners that are mentioned in the Impressum.
The book is being distributed through various shops, markets, and events. You may find more information on the book as well as the authors on the specially dedicated webpage Cohousing Inclusive.