Stand with Ukraine

Linoprint for Kharkiv is a hand-printed piece in support of Vasylysa’s home city, Kharkiv, Ukraine. The money from the sale of the print is donated to the local organizations that provide bread, food, medicine, and other help to the local population that remains in the city.

The reports on the donations are shared on her Instagram page @documentavasi. Thank you very much for your support.

Let’s stand with Ukraine together!

Latest Work

The 2nd Edition of Yearly Publications by Netzwerk Immovilien e.V. with Vasylysa’s illustrations is out of print. The Digital version can be viewed and downloaded through this link.


On 19.12.2022 Vasylysa celebrates two years of a full-time freelancing career in Berlin, Germany. Would you like to get notified about the latest news and get some behind-the-scenes of her work?

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